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Interview with WooGo Juice

What is WooGo Juice?woogojuicelogo
A Californian smoothie shop founded by five "brothers" with a selection of tasty smoothies and a unique brand philosophy that attracts customers near and far. Being crazy and having fun is their motto, and what defines WooGo is their lifestyle: a smart balance between career and other pursuits.

Where is WooGo Juice?
Across from the famous nightclub Luxy is Exit 3 of MRT Zhangxiao Dunhua Station. Walk along the alley of Minyao Department Store and turn right on the second lane where Family Mart sits on the corner, and you'll find WooGo!

Walking into WooGo Juice, we were greeted by the welcoming AC, playful splashes of colors, and artistic in-store designs. Adam and Jason, two of the five founders, were listening to a group of interns giving presentations. It wasn't difficult to notice that they function like a team, and from the way they interact with each other, you could tell they enjoy being there and what they do. Jason treated us to smoothies he made himself, and each of us took a few big gulps of Peanut Butter and Blueberry Bananza before we sat down and began our conversation. At the time the shop was celebrating their one-year anniversary, so naturally the topic fell onto their on-going events.

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The hottest topic was the W.T.F. (Wow That's Fun) photo campaign on Facebook, a cross-promotion with Hotel Quickly (a last-minute booking app). Whoever gets the most likes for a picture sent to WooGo wins a round-trip tickets to Boracay and a hotel stay. A selection of pictures shows how they have successfully added a twist into their marketing campaign. It's about having fun and being crazy; it's about being involved in something cool and sharing it with friends. Round-trip tickets to Boracay sound like a big deal for a smoothie shop, so Elias wanted to know how they plan to cover the promotional costs with their sales. Being the one responsible for public relations, Adam said they choose not to attach online promotion to sales. This way, it gives WooGo a more genuine word-of-mouth reputation, and the events are more about promoting their lifestyle and saying thank you to the supportive customers enrolled in their membership program. Having said this, the photo campaign was specifically designed to reach students, one of the two target customers they want to attract to boast weekday sales. They hope to ensure young people recognize WooGo's logos and cups in friends' pictures and on their news feed. With increased exposure, distinctive brand philosophy and a friendly competition of creativity, Adam believes that "if you hear something several times, eventually you'll have to try it".

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