Foreign Entrepreneurs In Taiwan

Taiwan has a lot of fantastic foreign entrepreneurs!
Let us introduce you to a few of them.

Jake Morrison

Jake - originating from the USA - came to Taiwan in the early 90s to study Chinese. Over the past twenty years, he has been residing in Taiwan, working in software and product development and consulting. For the last six years, Jake has been running Cogini: “We...

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Park Gi Tae

Newteks is an import-export company, focused primarily on exporting Taiwanese goods to overseas markets, and providing representation for overseas customers in Taiwan. A large portion of Mr Park's business consists of exporting Taiwan-made synthetic textiles -...

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Revital Golan

Anemone Ventures is a boutique management consulting company, focused on developing business opportunities in Asia, particularly Taiwan and Korea. Anemone Ventures helps clients outperform in the targeted markets in the most efficient and cost effective...

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