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This book not only gives the facts and rules, but also include advice and commentary from many people who have done it successfully.

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Elias Ek

Elias Ek is the co-founder and President of business services company Enspyre which B2B Telemarketing and Phone Answering and services.

He is from Sweden but moved to the US in 1994. Since then he has also lived in Japan, and is since 2000 living in Taiwan.

Before starting Enspyre, Elias served as Director of International Marketing for notebook PC maker PaceBlade, marketing for B2B marketplace, and Marketing Manager for Tennessee rehabilitative initiative in corrections (TRICOR).


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Why this book?

Taiwan can be a great place to live and run a business.

I hope this book will be a helpful tool for foreign entrepreneurs. Starting a business is always tough. It certainly is not a good way to just get a visa to stay in Taiwan. You have to have a real business plan with real goals and dreams to make it worth the energy, legal hassle and financial investment.

I have spent almost two years researching this book and collecting some great resources, and have tried to provide step-by-step ‘how-to’ instructions for anyone starting a business in Taiwan. I have tried to address all the important topics and not only give the facts and rules, but also share some advice and commentary from people who have done it.


Great for any foreigner that wants to start a business in Taiwan

This is an excellent book. One can tell that there is much time, effort and research put into it. This book is basically all a foreigner in Taiwan needs to start a business there. In the book there are Taiwanese business laws, Taiwanese legal issues, immigration issues, basic business, to even Taiwanese business culture. There are charts to help one out, web links to further help out, phone numbers and addresses of places that further help with the business. There is even personal business stories from entrepreneurs to help get an idea of what to expecn. It has all the banks listed with their ATM codes to help transfer money from one account to another using an ATM machine. t. One aspect of the book I really liked was the chart with all the banks in TaiwaFor any foreigner in Taiwan that wants to start a business, I highly recommend this book.

– Curtis Chang

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Taiwan is a great place to live and run a business. Starting a business is never easy but doing it in a foreign country is even harder. Let’s fix that!

This book is the result of support from many people. Interns that researched, entrepreneurs that gave us their experience and lawyers and CPAs that provided their expertise.

This book will make the process of starting a business in Taiwan less daunting by answering important questions.

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