How to Start a Business in Taiwan



How to Start a Business in Taiwan is the first book for foreigners who want to start a business in Taiwan. Starting a business is never easy and doing it in a foreign country is even harder!

Soft cover, A5 size, more than 300 pages of useful information!



“Taiwan is a country of entrepreneurs, and this book is an excellent tool to help foreign entrepreneurs to set up their business in Taiwan.”

– Adriana Archambault, General Manager, CCIFT

“Taiwan is a great place to do business…economic freedom, the price and quality of manufactured products is reasonable…geographically being near to China and Korea.”

– Jake Morrison, Cogini

“I would love to see the foreign entrepreneur community in Taiwan continue to grow, and this book is a great tool to further cultivate that trend.”

– Revital Golan, Anemone Ventures


This book is the result of a lot of hard work from many people. Interns that researched, entrepreneurs that gave us their experience and lawyers and CPAs that provided their expertise. This book will make the process of starting a business in Taiwan less daunting by answering important questions.

Elias Ek is originally from Sweden but has lived in the US and Japan before moving to Taiwan in 2000. In 2002 he cofounded Enspyre, Taiwan’s leading B2B Telemarketing and Phone Answering company. Via Enspyre, the European Chamber of Commerce, the French Chamber of Commerce, and various other entrepreneur and start-up organisations and events in Taiwan, Elias has worked hard for the foreign entrepreneur community in Taiwan.

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