2018 Dragons' Chamber

Former President Ma with Our Book

About the Book

How to Start a Business in Taiwan is a book written by Swedish national Elias Ek, entrepreneur & founder of B2B services firm Enspyre, who has lived in Taiwan since 2002 and has organized events for foreign entrepreneurs since 2005.

It offers first-hand experience and information on the rules and regulations entrepreneurs need to know about how to start a business in Taiwan.

First published in 2013, the book comes with downloadable updates to information about pensions and health insurance.

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Why Start a Business in Taiwan?

With so many great places to choose to start a business, why should you pick Taiwan? When talking to foreign entrepreneurs who are making their success in Taiwan, they tell us:

  • foreigners can own 100% of their own business
  • low living and office costs so their investments last longer
  • quick and easy access to vendors around the island
  • great technical talent

What Entrepreneurs Say About Our Book

“I would love to see the foreign entrepreneur community in Taiwan continue to grow, and this book is a great tool to further cultivate such a trend.”

~ Revital Golan, Anemone Ventures

“I have never seen so much information collected in one place before. A must have for anyone – beginner or advanced – considering to do business in Taiwan.”

~ Cédric ALVIANI, entrepreneur

“THE book in Taiwan for expats or foreigners looking for a quick crash course walk-through on all aspects of the initial start-up experience, this book was very helpful as a check-list of the things to consider when I was in the early stages of starting my company.”

~ Joey Chung, The News Lens

How do I get a permanent ARC (ie. an APRC)?

In lieu of an easy way towards Taiwanese citizenship, the APRC is the next best thing. Many foreigners who have received their Alien Permanent Resident Card describe the feeling as cathartic, a moment of great relief. At the time they get it they have lived in Taiwan...

Can a foreigner work in a company that he/she started in Taiwan? If so, what are the requirements?

For a Limited Liability Company (or any other type of Taiwanese company) or a Branch Office, in order to be eligible for a work permit (to hire yourself as the manager of the business) there are minimum capital requirements.

Can I employee foreign interns in Taiwan?

Can I employee foreign interns in Taiwan? What are the visa requirements to enable foreign interns to intern at my company, and how long can they intern?

Are there any foreign entrepreneur associations or groups in Taiwan?

Some foreign entrepreneur-related groups or associations include: Business Networking International: A group that meets at 6.30am once a week to exchange business cards and network. There are 7 chapters located throughout Taipei. Visit http://www.bni.com.tw/. France...

How can I find my own office? Do I need to use a real estate agent?

It is very easy to find an office. Take Taipei, for example, find a commercial district and walk down the streets looking for signs of "For Rent" or "租". If you are happy with the location, call the number on the sign or board (there's always a number, fortunately)...

Do I need to have a physical office if I want to register my business? Can I register my business at home?

You may have a virtual office instead a physical office when you register your business. Yes, you can register your business at home if you own the house, otherwise, you have to ask for an agreement from the owner of the house. A company can also share its office with...

How can I get a document certified/notarized in Taiwan?

How can I get a document certified/notarized in Taiwan?

Can a foreigner get a credit card from a bank in Taiwan?

Yes a foreigner can get a credit card from some bank in Taiwan. Most bank tellers are unaware of this and might simple tell you no at first. But with a cool head and politeness you can apply for your own credit card.

Can a foreigner set up a bank account in Taiwan? If so, how?

Yes, of course a foreigner can set up a bank account in Taiwan. For personal bank accounts, you will need to bring your passport and ARC to the branch to set up the account. If you don't yet have an ARC, you can set up the account using your UBN (統一編號...