Elias Ek is from Sweden and moved to the United States to attend Austin Peay State University (Bachelor in Business Administration in Marketing and a Bachelor of Science in Radio/TV Broadcasting ) in Clarksville, Tennessee, and later to work as Marketing Manager for TRICOR. In 2000 he moved to Taiwan. Already in his first year in Taiwan he co-founded a company. After it was sold, in 2002 he co-founded business service company Enspyre.

In 2005 Ek and Enspyre organized what was perhaps the first ever event for foreign entrepreneurs in Taiwan. Since then Enspyre organized a large number of events and classes for foreign entrepreneurs sometimes alone, sometimes in cooperation with great organizations such as CCIFT, ECCT, CCCT, and Taipei City Government.

One recurring event is the Dragons’ Chamber, a pitch event for foreign entrepreneurs organized by Enspyre and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

On a trip back to Sweden he walked into a book store at the Bangkok airport and saw a whole book shelf full of books called “How to Start a Business in Thailand” and thought why don’t we have anything like that in Taiwan. So with the help of many others he spent two years collecting information and writing the ultimate guide to starting and running a business in Taiwan – simply called “How to Start a Business in Taiwan”.

Elias Ek is a frequent guest lecturer at Taiwanese schools and universities and is honored to be called up on by government departments and politicians to give his input on laws and policies that affect the lives of foreign residents in general but most specifically foreign entrepreneurs.