Giving a book to the Vice Premier

Donating books to the international student startup pitch event GlobalTiC 2013

Why write this book?

I have lived in Taiwan since year 2000 and have started, invested in or been involved with lot’s of startups.

I founded Enspyre, Taiwan’s leading B2B outsourcing company in 2002, it provides hundreds of SMEs in Taiwan with virtual secretary services and big International companies with B2B Telemarketing. We started with 2 people and now we are about 45 employees.

In 2005 Enspyre arranged what I think was the first ever seminar for foreigners who were interested in starting their own business. In January 2010 I stopped over at the Bangkok airport on my way home to Sweden and in a bookstore I saw a whole shelf full of a book called “How to start a business in Thailand”. I immediately realized that if I looked at the Taoyuan International Airport bookstore, I would for sure not find a book like this. How to Start a Business in Taiwan was born!

I had two goals in writing the Book:

  • To help foreign entrepreneurs and business people start a business in Taiwan.
  • To raise awareness of the existence and importance of foreign entrepreneurs in Taiwan.

Over the years thousands upon thousands of people have used our book to pursue their dream of starting their own business in Taiwan. I have had the chance to meet a lot of great people over the years – entrepreneurs, government officials and politicians. Shortly after launching the book our friend G

Sincerely, Elias Ek

About Enspyre

Enspyre is Taiwan’s leading B2B services firm, offering Phone Answering and B2B Telemarketing services.

2014 Enspyre Xmas Card

Enspyre Phone Answering Services:

This is our original service, the one we founded the company for. We are the secretary for hundreds of companies. When you call their company phone number, one of my colleagues pick up the phone to answer your questions. It is a very affordable way to stay in contact with customers and offer them a professional service and image.

Enspyre B2B Telemarketing:

If your target market is another business, chances are Enspyre’s B2B Telemarketing will be the easiest way to reach them. We work mainly for the world’s tech giants. We help set up an appointment so our customer’s sales person can go and close the deal. We also invite qualified people to attend information seminars. And we do surveys. You need us to call 100, 1000 or more companies? No problem!