1. What is Covid Relief Stimulus 4.0 (疫情紓困 4.0)?


After the relative explosion of COVID-19 in May 2021, many businesses and individuals in Taiwan have been significantly affected. Taiwan’s government has rolled out a number of support programs for those in need of urgent rescue. 

The Covid Relief Stimulus 4.0 program was implemented in June 2021, and the Executive Yuan later announced they will extend the benefits to businesses to more industries. The original program did for some reason NOT cover Taiwanese companies founded by foreign residents but this has now been remedied for most industries.



2. Who can apply?


We’ll focus on what’s close to our hearts, Taiwanese enterprises founded by foreign residents. If your monthly revenue has declined over 50% in any one month between May and July 2021, compared to the same term in 2019 (please note: not 2020), your company is eligible to apply for Covid Relief.

The qualifications may be different for each industry, so please find and contact the related office from the table below for confirmation. For example, if your business is in the commercial services industry, only companies owned by locals and applicants with APRC are able to apply for the relief. 

In most cases, only Taiwan-registered companies can apply for the relief. However, the government allows for applications from branch offices and representative offices in some special situations. Again, please contact the consultation office to find out.



3. How much support can I get and how can I apply for it?


The amount of support money your company can receive depends on your industry. There are also different programs and application deadlines. Find your industry in the table below. 

You can only apply to one of the programs, so please check which is the most suitable one and do the calculation and visit that program’s webpage directly to double-check the qualifications.

As an example, take a gym with 5 employees, it belongs to the sports-related industry. Because of lockdown regulations, it was ordered to suspend services for several months and can’t pay salaries during closure. The employer can choose one of the plans (see the fifth row “2.” of the table):

(1) apply for the subsidy of NTD10,000 x 5 employees = NTD50,000 that goes to the business


(2) apply for NTD40,000 x 5 employees = NTD 200,000, which goes to employees


Who is qualified Subsidy amount (unit: NTD/yuan) How to apply Program Information Link (Mandarin) For more info, contact:
Manufacturing and technical services 1. Salary subsidy: employee salary subsidy is 40%, with a monthly cap of NTD20,000 per person, up to 3 months . 2. One-off working capital subsidy: Calculated based on the number of employees × NTD10,000 (April 109 to March 110) Until 110/8/2 or when the fund run out < Online Application >製造業及技術服務業薪資及營運資金補貼1988,0800-000-257
Exhibition Industry Until 110/8/2 or when the fund is run out < Online Application >. 會展產業薪資及營運資金補貼1988, 0800-628-988
Trade Service Industry 專業國際貿易服務業薪資及營運資金補貼1988, 0800-628-100
Commercial service industry ( Restaurants, catering, photography industry, hairdressing industry, entertainment and leisure industry, etc.) Choose one of the following applications: 1. Not ordered to suspend business by the central government : the number of employees × NTD40,000 2. Ordered to suspend by the government, and the salary during the closure period does not reach the basic salary: (1) Subsidies to the employer: The number of employees × NTD10,000 . (2) Subsidies to employee salaries: NTD40,000 per employee (salary subsidy NTD30,000 + employment stability fund NTD10,000 ), which will be forwarded to employees by the employer. Until 110/8/31 or when the funds run out < Online Application >. 商業服務業艱困事業營業衝擊補貼1988, (02)7752-3522
Sports-related industry (gyms, bowling alleys, ice skating rink etc.) Until 110/8/31 < Online Application >. 運動事業紓困4.0(02)8979-0588, (02)7752-3658
Cram schools and after-class care service Until 110/8/31 or when the fund run out 1. Cram schools apply to <;Information Management System of Short-term > and < Counties and Cities > 2. After class care service applies to < National Children's After-Class" Care Service Center Information Network >立案補習班及課照中心紓困方案(02)7752-3766,0809-098001
Private kindergarten (including quasi-public) Based on the number of faculty and staff, a total of NTD40,000 per person is the maximum, and depending on the impact of the epidemic situation or the suspension period, the subsidy will be approved according to the rate. Until 110/8/31 or when the fund run out Upload the application documents to the < National Education Insurance Information Network Filing System >私立幼兒園(含準公共)紓困方案(02)7736-7496, 7736-7432
School 1. The subsidy school compensates the group catering business for the loss of the cost of the food prepared by the group according to the contract. 2. Subsidies to the kitchen workers' salary and lunch cost of the public office's own kitchen school: Calculated based on the number of kitchen workers × a maximum of NTD40,000. Until 110/8/31 The local government submits to the < K12 Education Administration >補助學校自設廚房及團膳業者食材損失Loss of food cost (04)3706-1363, (04)3706-1366 Kitchen worker salary subsidy (04)3706-1552, (04)3706-1362
Study abroad service industry One-off subsidy salary and operating costs are calculated based on the number of employees × NTD40,000. Until 110/8/31 Email the document to < Taiwan Appraisal Association >留(遊)學服務業(02)7736-5737, (02)7736-5730
Travel industry 1. Salary and operating cost subsidy: Calculated based on the number of employees × NTD40,000. 2. Cancellation of subsidies for group travel: 5% subsidy for the group fee , with a maximum of NTD10,000 per group. Until 110/7/31 1. Apply for the "Salary and Operating Cost Subsidy" on < Travel Industry Management System > 2. Apply for the "Group Travel Cancellation Subsidy", please mail it to Tourism Bureau by registered mail Bureau". 旅行業員工薪資及營運成本補貼、團體旅遊取消補貼0800-211-734
Tourist hotel industry, hotel industry One-off subsidy salary and operating costs are calculated based on the number of employees × NTD40,000 Until 110/7/31 1. Fill in the operation report < Taiwan Travel and Accommodation Network > 2. Apply online on < Travel and Accommodation Industry Relief Platform >觀光旅館業及旅館業員工薪資及營運成本補貼(02)2322-2510
Homestay Industry Each subsidy is NTD50,000 辦理民宿營運補貼
Tourism and Amusement Industry 1. Salary and operating cost subsidy: the number of employees × NTD40,000 2. Group elimination of subsidies: mining level from the subsidy, per person up to NTD200 Until 110/7/31 Apply online on < Tourism Amusement Industry Dynamic Management System >觀光遊樂業員工薪資及營運成本補貼、團體取消補貼0800-211-734
Leisure Farm Each family has a monthly subsidy of NTD20,000 for a total of 3 months of working capital. Until 110/6/30 Please mail or email to < Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology >田媽媽營運資金補貼(03)518-5179,(03)518-5110
Each family subsidizes 30,000 to NTD250,000 per month according to the total area and class , for a total of 3 months of working capital. Until 110/7/15 Please send the package to < local governments >休閒農場營運紓困補貼(02)2381-2991#4678,#4697
Residential institutions (long-term care services, group houses, disabled accommodation institutions, etc.) Suffer the central government's written notice to stop business and cause losses, and subsidize basic personnel expenses and maintenance expenses during the period of business closure . Apply to <local governments > within 6 months after the reason for the suspension of business is eliminated. 住宿式機構受嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎影響之紓困措施Long-term care institutions in homes and communities :1966 Family Care for the Disabled, Early Treatment Institutions, Childcare Centers, Social Welfare Institutions, Social Welfare Institutions :1957
Care service unit (non-residential long-term care, baby care, early treatment, etc.) The following scenarios should choose an application: 1. by the central government ordered to suspend business, and to pay close down during less than the minimum wage: (1) the employer subsidy of business: the number of employees × NTD10,000 (2) Subsidies to employee salaries: NTD40,000 per employee (salary subsidy NTD30,000 + employment stability fund NTD10,000 ), which will be forwarded to employees by the employer. 2. Income from care services is reduced by more than 50% : Calculated based on the number of employees × NTD40,000 , operating subsidies will be given. The deadline will be announced by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. < Online Applications > . 照顧服務受嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎影響之紓困措施
A subsidy of NTD30,000 per person for the " personal care service staff of disabled families " will be applied for by the service provider and forwarded to the home care service staff.
Social welfare institutions (social welfare organizations, social work agencies, etc.) Subsidies for overtime and maintenance costs for a maximum of 3 months . 社會福利事業單位受嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎影響之紓困措施
Arts and cultural industry (publishing, bookstore, craftsmanship, performance, TV and film, etc.) Choose one of the following programs to apply: 1. Various types of arts and cultural undertakings: according to the number of employees and necessary expenditures, the maximum subsidy is NTD2.5 million . 2. Suspension of business ordered by the central government: (1) Suspension of business closure: the number of employees whose salary does not reach the basic salary × NTD10,000 (2) Salary subsidy for employees: a one-time salary subsidy of NTD40,000 per employee , which is forwarded by the employer to the employee. 3. Difficult business of art and literature (reduction of turnover by more than 50% ): Calculated based on the number of employees × NTD40,000 , and a one-time operating subsidy will be given. Until 110/8 / 31 < Online Application >藝文紓困4.0事業補助1988, (02)8979-0300#1
Passenger -Transport Industry The maximum subsidy is NTD30,000 per vehicle per month. Until 110/12/31 Apply to the MOTC local agency國道客運機場路線營運費用補貼0800-231-035
The maximum subsidy per vehicle is NTD10,000 . Until 110/7/31 , the supervision unit will initiatively serve. 遊覽車客運業營運費用補貼
1. Subsidy items: disinfectant, bleach, masks, gloves, and alcohol. 2. A daily subsidy of NTD22 for coaches and NTD15 for small buses per vehicle, with a maximum of 26 days per month. Until 110/6/15 Apply to the MOTC local agency客運業防疫物資補貼
Driving School Calculated based on the number of employees ( up to 5 administrative personnel ) × NTD40,000 , a one-off operating subsidy will be given. Until 110/6/30 Apply to the MOTC local agency汽車駕駛人訓練機構員工薪資及營運成本補貼




Enspyre’s experience: successfully applied for NTD1,200,000 subsidy


As a marketing company, Enspyre is categorized as belonging to the Commercial Service Industry and was not ordered to suspend services by the government. For about two months, most of our employees worked from home. Thanks to us having invested in a new VoIP-based telemarketing system, our calling agents were after some initial teething problems able to make calls from home. However, since usually about 40-50% of our work is to help companies invite their potential customers to events and another 20% is helping salespeople set appointments to meet customers, many of our cases were postponed. And, with so many people working from home, fewer people were available to pick up our calls which significantly increased our costs. 

Before we applied, from our total employee-count, we had to exclude some:

  1. Foreign employees without APRC
  2. Part-time employees whose insured salary is under NTD24,000 or anyone who does not have labor insurance via our company

We were left with 30 eligible employees. So based on our decreasing revenues, we could apply for a subsidy of NTD40,000 per employee (see the fourth row “1” of the table).

We applied online, uploaded the documents supporting our decreased monthly revenues on August 2nd, and received the subsidy to our bank account on August 9th. The process was surprisingly fast!.

Since the funds are limited, we suggest all of you who are eligible to apply as soon as possible.



4. Relief loans


Beside subsidies, the government also provides loans for startups, SMEs, and certain industries. They provide 80%-100% loan credit guarantees, interest subsidies, and previous application extensions. 

This means that if you borrow NTD100,000 from the bank, the government promises the bank that IF you would default on the bank, the bank will get NTD80,000 to NTD100,000 from the government credit guarantee fund. Hopefully this guarantee will increase the chance that the bank will take the risk to lend you money.

Please notice in the cases of the credit guarantees, that even if this program can accelerate the application process, the bank would still check your previous credit for the final decision. Like Newtalks revealed that the banks still have little trust in the suspended business in spite of government guarantees.

Each program differs a bit so you need to look for the information that relates to you.

Enterprises are able to apply to the administering bank. Call the number 1988 or view the details on the website: https://0800056476.sme.gov.tw/covid-19/index2_detail2.php?gid=74

Who is qualified Subsidy amount (unit: NTD/yuan) How to apply Program Information Link (Mandarin) For more info, contact:
Performing group 1. The maximum loan is NTD6 million, and the highest interest rate is 1.845%. 2. full interest subsidy up to 1 year. Until 111/1/31 1. Email the document to the Taiwan Creative Content Agency 2. Apply in person to the Bank of Taiwan or Taiwan Cooperative Bank演藝團體紓困貸款專案(02)2745-5058 Administering Bank
Startup 1. The interest subsidy is an additional 0.5% ,and the maximum subsidy is 1 year. 2. The credit guarantee percentage is increased to 100%. 3. Full subsidy of credit funds guarantees handling fees. Until 110/12/31 Apply to <administering banks >國發基金協助新創事業紓困融資加碼方案(02)2316-8288, (02)2559-7171#3157, (02)2563-3156#2689
Non-Small and Medium Enterprises and SMEs 1. Extend the previous loan. 2. The interest rate subsidy is 0.81% , up to 1 year, and the maximum subsidy amount is NTD220,000 (limited to small and medium-sized enterprises). Until 110/12/31 Apply to < administering banks >舊有貸款展延1988, 0800-056-476
1. The maximum loan amount is NTD6 million . 2. The interest rate subsidy is 1.845% ,up to 6 months, and the maximum subsidy amount is NTD55,000 (only for small and medium-sized enterprises). 營運資金貸款
1. Maximum loan amount: NTD150 million for SMEs and NTD500 million for non-SMEs . 2. The interest rate subsidy is 0.845% , the maximum is 1 year, and the maximum subsidy amount is NTD220,000 (limited to small and medium-sized enterprises). 受影響事業貸款
Small and Medium Enterprises The maximum loan amount and annual interest rate of the three plans are: NTD1 million ( 1% ), NTD4 million ( 1% ), NTD16 million ( 1.5% ). Until 110/12/31 Apply to < administering banks >央行因應疫情辦理中小企業貸款專案Administering banks
Importer and exporter 1. Export Loan Subsidy: Subsidy of loan interest, up to 0.3% annual interest rate reduction . 2. Export Subsidies Insurance: grant for export insurance costs, credit costs cover, insurance fees up to 80% reduction. Until 110/12/31 (insured up to the outlet 111/5/31 stop ) or funds run out < Online Application >. 義氣相挺4.00800-819-688
Agro-food industry (farmers, agro-food companies, farmers' groups, agribusiness, etc.) The following is the maximum loan amount for each project: 1. Grain industry: NTD50 million 2. Agricultural machinery: NTD20 million 3. Small landlord and large professional farmer: NTD50 million 4. Seedlings, flowers, fruit trees, vegetables, grain, special works: NTD80 million 5. Rural winery: NTD13 million 6. Beekeeper: NTD50 million Please go to the Credit Department of the Agricultural Association, Bank branch under the Credit Department of the Agricultural Association, Agricultural Bank of Taiwan or Bank of Taiwan Branch in Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park 農糧業貸款利息補貼Contact information of each loan project
Fishery (fishing boat owners, Class A members of the fishermen's association, aquaculture fishermen, fishermen's groups and agricultural enterprises) 1. The old case with loan balance on 110/6/3: direct interest exemption from 110/6/3-12/31 2. New case for loan application on 110/6/3-12/31: interest exemption to 111/6/30 Until 110/12/31 Contact the Credit Department of the Agriculture and Fisheries Association and Agricultural Bank of Taiwan漁業貸款利息補貼0972-590951, 0963-619301, 0933-239983
Husbandry (livestock farms, composting plants, etc.) 畜牧業紓困貸款利息補貼(02)23124653
Leisure farm 休閒農產紓困貸款(02)2381-2991 #6036, #2252
Residential institutions, care service, social welfare institutions 1. Employee salary loan and interest subsidy 2. Short-term working capital loan and interest subsidy Until 110/12/31 ( employee salary loan can be extended to 111/6/30 if necessary ) Apply for loan from the administrative financial institution 住宿式機構、照顧服務、社會福利事業單位1957 or 1966



Enspyre Services


If your B2B company has faced difficulties in sales or business development during Covid-19, it is a good time to prepare for the post-pandemic. We can help you reach more customers to perform surveys, invite them to events or webinars and help set sales appointments for your salespeople to visit with new customers.

In the article “ How can B2B business survive during covid19” Chief Strategist Jim Hertzfeld indicated that “hyper-segmentation” and customer data updating is a new trend for B2B companies during Covid. Enspyre has since our founding in 2002 been building our database of companies in Taiwan. No matter what type of companies you want to reach, chances are we have them in our database.

We also provide phone answering services to SMEs. Good customer service is always in style.

Please visit Enspyre website and contact for more information.

Now we just hope that COVID-19 is soon in control and life and business can go back to normal. Stay safe everyone!