It is very easy to find an office. Take Taipei, for example, find a commercial district and walk down the streets looking for signs of “For Rent” or “租”. If you are happy with the location, call the number on the sign or board (there’s always a number, fortunately) and talk to the owner to schedule a visit. If everything goes well and you are happy with the place, negotiate the deal, ask any questions you might have, make sure how the payment is done and sign a contract. That is exactly how I find my own office on Nan Jing East Road. Many other entrepreneurs we interviewed find their offices the same way.

You can, of course, seek help from local real estate agencies. It can be an easier solution if you barely speak Mandarin. But the downside is that you’ll have to pay extra for commissions.

For more detailed information, Chapter 18 Getting Your Office: Renting or Buying is the best answer to your question!