For a Limited Liability Company (or any other type of Taiwanese company) or a Branch Office, in order to be eligible for a work permit (to hire yourself as the manager of the business) there are minimum capital requirements.

For both a Limited Liability Company and a Branch Office, you must show a minimum capital investment of NTD500,000 if you are the sole shareholder, or at least a ⅓ of NTD$500,000 if you have partners. Going forward, you must show a minimum yearly sales turnover of NTD$3 million (on average over the previous 3 years).

There are no minimum capital requirements or sales turnover requirements to hire yourself as the Taiwan Representative of a Representative Office. You do, however, have to show “actual performance records”.

For detailed information about business structures and the requirements and application processes for registering a business and obtaining a work permit, please refer to the Book at section 5 and 6: “Process of Setting up a Business in Taiwan” and “Visa, ARC and Work Permit Issues”, the Setting up a Business FAQs, or Start Up Procedures section of this website.