Although Taiwan is very open to foreign investors of all sizes, as in most countries, there are restrictions. Foreigners are prohibited or restricted from investing in a number of industries stipulated under legislation.

The Negative List for Investment by Overseas Chinese and Foreign Nationals list of business activities that are prohibited or restricted for overseas Chinese or foreign nationals stipulates the following:

1. Prohibited Industries: Industries involving national security, public order, national health and those which are prohibited by the law such as: Agriculture and animal husbandry, Bus services, Postal services, Radio broadcasting/television industry and so forth.

2. Restricted Industries: Industries are restricted by law should obtain official approval from the authority of the certain industry: Electricity and gas supply, medical goods manufacture, financial inter mediation.

The latest information about investing in Taiwan and prohibited and restricted industries is available on the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Investment Commission website. Please also the Links to Important Laws for Foreign Entrepreneurs section of our website, which contain a list of important statutes and regulations, and links to English versions of the legislation.