I came to Taiwan for my own personal reasons, but if you are not yet here already, why is Taiwan an attractive place to start a business?

For decades Taiwan has had a growing economy, built in part on manufacturing the core components of technological gadgets that now make up the basis for modern life. Taiwan is a modern first-world country with excellent infrastructure and a good quality of life. Starting a business here might not be quite as fast and easy as in the UK or US. Yet it is still fairly straightforward and you won’t find anyone looking for money under the table or anything like that. If you gety the paperwork in order and possess friendly smile, you can register your business and/or company quite easily. Hopefully How to Start a Business in Taiwan can help you as well!

No one has been able to ignore the fact that China is the up-and-coming economy in the world. Taiwan is a perfect stepping stone into China, especially now that you can fly directly between Taiwan and many Chinese cities.

If you have an idea for a hardware product, Taiwan is also a wonderful place, because you can go out and find high quality suppliers and partners that offer a whole buffet of components and systems of various levels of completeness.

As of this writing, I am involved in a new start-up project that aims to develop a proprietary tablet PC that can run our own software for a specific vertical market.

In Taiwan you can find suppliers of LCD screens, motherboards, and all the other components and find a company to assemble them together. I am not saying that it is impossible to do the same thing in other countries, but I think it is much easier in Taiwan than elsewhere.

At the intersection of Europe, US, Mainland China, and other emerging Asian market, Taiwan is also an ideal strategic location for the supply chain of IT industries and high-tech ODM.

But that’s just a start. Taiwan possesses a consumer market of sufficient size to itself be a destination for your goods or services.

Good luck!