The Taiwanese Government last year set up a “One Stop Shop Online” to register your business in Taiwan. Essentially, the website acts as a window between the customer (ie. The person intending to set up the business) and the various Government departments, merging the different processes from various Government departments/agencies into one single step.

“One Stop Shop Online” provides a ‘Work Process’ in English, outlining the steps you need to take to register your business online. Unfortunately, the rest of the site is in Chinese – including the actual forms you need to fill out, so if you don’t read Chinese, you’ll need somebody to help you navigate the site and fill out the forms.

Step One: Register with MyEGov.

Step Two: Choose your entry point: Ie. You are starting from the very beginning and are yet to apply for a company name; or, you have obtained a company name, but are yet to register your company; or, you have already registered your company, and now need to set up labor and health insurance coverage; or, for a company with 30 or more employees, you need to file your company’s internal work regulations.

Step Three: Fill in online request form.

Step Four: Verify and save requested information. You will obtain an Electronic Case Number.

Step Five: Make the payment.

Step Six: Your information is sent to the various Government departments/agencies for processing.

Step Seven: You may be required to prepare documentation with your company’s seal, and send them to the relevant Government departments/agencies.

Step Eight: Await notification of approval / request for further information via SMS or email. You can check the progress of your case online using your Electronic Case Number, or contact the relevant department/agency.