This page provides information for domestic and international money transfers, including Taiwanese Bank Codes, Wire Transfer Branch Codes, and SWIFT Codes.

Last updated in 2019 April

Bank Code 銀行代碼

If you want to transfer money between Taiwanese bank accounts (including the Post Office’s accounts), you need to know the 3-digit Bank Code (銀行代碼) for that particular institution. Here’s a list of banks, codes and their websites:

Bank English Name Chinese Name Bank Bank Code 銀行代碼 Website
Agricultural Bank of Taiwan 全國農業金庫 018
ANZ Taiwan 澳盛(台灣)銀行 039
Bank of America 美國銀行 022
Bank of East Asia 東亞銀行 075
Bank of Kaohsiung 高雄銀行 016
Bank of Panshin 板信商業銀行 118
Bank of Taiwan 臺灣銀行 004
Bank SinoPac 永豐銀行 807
BNP Paribas Taiwan 法國巴黎銀行 082
Cathay United Bank 國泰世華銀行 013
Chang Hwa Bank 彰化銀行 009
Chinatrust Commercial Bank 中國信託 822
Chunghwa Post (Post Office) 中華郵政 700
Citibank Taiwan 花旗(台灣)銀行 021
COTA Commercial Bank 三信商業銀行 147
Crédit Agricole CIB 法國東方匯理銀行 086
DBS Taiwan 星展(台灣)銀行 810
Deutsche Bank 德意志銀行 073
E.Sun Bank 玉山銀行 808
EnTie Bank 安泰商業銀行 816
Far Eastern International Bank 遠東國際商業銀行 805
First Bank 第一銀行 007
Fubon Financial 台北富邦銀行 012
HSBC Taiwan 匯豐(台灣)銀行 081
Hua Nan Bank 華南銀行 008
Hwatai Bank 華泰銀行 102
JihSun Bank 日盛國際商業銀行 815
KGI Bank 凱基銀行 809
King’s Town Bank 京城商銀 054
Land Bank of Taiwan 土地銀行 005
Mega International Commercial Bank 兆豐國際商業銀行 017
Metrobank 首都銀行 025
Mizuho Bank Taiwan 瑞穗銀行 020
Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank 上海商業儲蓄銀行 011
Shin Kong Bank 臺灣新光商業銀行 103
Standard Chartered 渣打商業銀行 052
Sunny Bank 陽信銀行 108
Taichung Bank 台中商業銀行 053
Taipei Star Bank 瑞興銀行 101
Taishin International Bank 台新銀行 812
Taiwan Business Bank 臺灣企銀 050
Taiwan Cooperative Bank 合作金庫銀行 006
Union Bank of Taiwan 聯邦銀行 803
Yuanta Bank 元大銀行 806


Reference > E.Sun Bank list of cods of Taiwan banks

*From their 2019 March 11th (108年03月11日) version of compiled bank codes. On that page, fields with yellow background represent banks (and purple the Post Office).

Wire Transfer Branch Codes 分支代號


Sometimes for money transfer, or when connecting your Taiwanese bank account to PayPal, you will need the Wire Transfer Branch Code (分支代號). The Wire Transfer Branch Code has 4 digits, and different from the 3 digit Bank Code above. Most of the time different branches of the same bank will have different code. The Chunghwa Post (Post Office) is a notable exception: there are two codes to cover all the accounts, most common is “0021” for the regular checking accounts.The Financial Information Co. has a search engine (in Chinese), where you can find the correct code for your bank and branch: or check with your bank directly.See more information on PayPal’s “Add a bank account (Taiwan)” help page:




In case of international money transfer, you will most likely need the SWIFT code of your bank account, which is again differs from the previous two identification. Usually every branch has their own code, which is an 8 or 11 character long alphanumeric code: 4 letters bank code, 2 letter country code, 2 character location code, and an optional 3 character branch code (or “XXX” for primary office). For example, the Bank of Taiwan’s Xinyi branch has the code “BKTWTWTP054”.You can browse for your bank and branch at The SWIFT Codes Taiwan page (click), or Online SWIFT Codes Taiwan page (click), two SWIFT code directories. You can also find there the appropriate codes banks in other countries.

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