PR companies and online marketing.

Public Relations (PR) Companies

Public relations companies mostly focus on two industries: technology and fashion. More recently, some well-known PR companies have expanded into areas such as finance, medicine, food, sports, entertainment, and environment.

When looking for a PR company, it is imperative to know that their services are more about promotion rather than finding customers from scratch. Nevertheless, PR companies are still an option for you to consider if you already have regular clients and you want to attract more potential customers or you want to promote your company or brand. Make sure to check out case studies or examples outlining how a PR company can assist you.

Leading PR Companies in Taiwan:

1. Era Ogilvy 世紀奧美公關 02 25788686 – Event management, press relations, media training, strategic communication, exhibition & trade shows

2. Apex Communications Consultants 經典公關 02 77187777 – specialises in hi-tech industry

3. Veda 頤德公關 02 27043024 – PR and marketing communication services company (media strategy, audit, management, events)

4. Elite Public Relations Consulants 精英公關 02 87681218 – Media relations, corporate image, integrated marketing services, crisis management

5. OTE Communication Consultants Inc. 奧堤公關 02 27137198 – Communication consulting

6. Ketchum Inc. 凱旋先驅 02 27003136 – Marketing, management, communications

7. Pulse Communications Co.,Ltd. 博思公關 02 25170200 – Business social responsibility, event planning, seminar and meeting management, exhibition planning

8. Edelman 愛德曼公關 02 25707588 – Branding, marketing, sports, entertainment, design, digital services and marketing

9. Join Public Relations 仲誼公關 02 27021158 – Media relation, event planning, marketing

Shopping Online

The top online shopping platforms in Taiwan are:

1. PCHome Online, 網路家庭 – More than 10 million members, PCHome Online offers a full range of shopping services, including traditional retail services, business to consumer shopping services, and a consumer to consumer auction-style service. Some of the more popular products include women’s clothing and accessories, consumer electronics, software, and books.

2. Yahoo! – Yahoo! invites traditional retail businesses to enter the e-commerce market. Yahoo! offers users with comprehensive search capabilities, localised content, and community and personalised services.

3. TaoBao, 淘寶網 – Founded by the Alibaba group, TaoBao is an online shopping marketplace for consumers. It facilitates commerce between individual consumers and retailers, wholesalers, and other individuals.

4. – The largest online bookstore in Taiwan. They recently adopted a creative approach to boost sales: Revenue-sharing with bloggers.

5. Another popular online shopping platform is PayEasy. It is B2C, and sells various brand name goods, from cosmetics and women’s clothing, to computers and mobile phones. A lot of the goods belong to Taiwanese brands.

6. Finally, 露天拍賣 is another popular B2C and C2C online shopping platform selling a huge range of items.