The media landscape in Taiwan is vast.

Traditional Media in Taiwan

With a market of around 23 million people, Taiwan’s media landscape is bustling. It houses seven 24-hour news stations, more than 4,000 magazine publishers, approximately 200 radio stations, and about 2,500 newspaper publishers. Additionally, it houses 21 AM radio stations, 143 FM stations, and 76 television broadcast stations (5 television networks with 46 digital and 30 analog stations). Taiwan also has the highest density of Satellite News Gathering (SNG) trucks in the world. Cable TV usage stands around 80% in Taiwan. Over 80% of Taiwanese have cable TV, in part due to cheap subscription rates. Programming is mostly in Mandarin and Taiwanese, with some foreign language channels in Japanese, Korean and English. [Source:]

In Sweden, journalists and the advertising arm of media are kept quite separate. This is not the case in Taiwan. I have been interviewed by journalists from several newspaper and magazines. As a general rule, at the completion of the interview, I was given an advertising price list and a ‘hint’ that I should purchase advertising space. Of course, I did not purchase any advertising space. And in most cases, the newspapers or magazines eventually ran articles about me. During the interviews, I tend to talk use my “foreign-ness”, and oftentimes the articles end up being more about me as opposed to my business. But that is fine with me! As long as they are getting printed and my business is getting coverage.

I have also been approached by several Taiwanese television news shows. Naturally, it seems like a great opportunity. Until they inevitably tell you that you will have to share in the production costs, running into tens of thousands of Taiwanese dollars. Of course, I refused their offers.

Newspaper & Magazine

Liberty Daily 自由時報 (top paper by circulation)
Apple Daily 蘋果日報 (second paper by circulation); tabloid-style newspaper owned by Next Media
United Daily 聯合報 (third paper by circulation)
China Times 中國時報 (fourth paper by circulation)
Economic Daily News 經濟日報
Independent Evening News 自立晚報
Taiwan Times 台灣時報
Min Sheng Bao 民生報; tabloid newspaper, sister publication of the United Daily News (
Matsu Daily 馬祖日報; owned by the government of Matsu County
Kinmen Daily News 金門日報; owned by the government of Kinmen Country
Taiwan Daily 台灣日報 (now exclusively online)
Central Daily News 中央日報 (now exclusively online); official Kuomintang news service
Traditional Children’s Newspaper:
Mandarin Daily News 國語日報
Leading English-Language Newspapers:
Taipei Times
China Post
Taiwan News (now exclusively online)
Taiwan’s Leading Magazines

Next Magazine, 壹周刊 – Circulation is weekly (top magazine by circulation and audited AC Nielson reports). Owned by Next Media
Covers current affairs, political, social and business issues, and entertainment news.
Business Today, 今周刊 – Circulation is weekly
Covers business, investment, and lifestyle
Other Popular Magazines, by topic:

Business & Commerce


Investment & Finance

《MONEY 錢》; 《Smart智富月刊》; 《四季報》; 《金融家》; 《財金雜誌》; 《財訊雙週刊》; 《選股雜誌》


《直銷人》; 《現代保險雜誌》


《活動平台》; 《美國最佳廣告》; 《動腦雜誌》; 《創意情報》; 《廣告Adm》; 《ARCHIVE》


《消費者報導》; 《政治學報》

Current Affairs

《全球中央》; 《新新聞》

Comprehensive News

《TVBS周刊》; 《台灣光華雜誌》; 《Taiwan Review》; 《獨家報導周刊》; 《時報周刊》

Computing: PC

PC DIY!電腦硬派月刊
PC Shopper電腦買物王
PC home電腦家庭
電腦王 PC home Advance
PC Office電腦上班族
RUN!PC 旗標資訊月刊
Windows NT Magazine 視窗新科技雜誌國際中文版
資訊生活雜誌 CompuLife
DigiTrend 數位狂潮

Digital Media


Natural Sciences

《科學人》; 《科學月刊》; 《Newton量子科學雜誌》


《CAMERA攝影誌》; 《DIGI PHOTO數位相機採購活用》


《聯合文學》; 《讀者文摘》; 《傳記文學》; 《浮文誌》

History & Geography

《古代文明》; 《國家地理雜誌》; 《國家公園季刊》; 《世界遺產季刊》

Men’s Magazines


Women’s Magazines


Children’s Magazines

《Ami》,publisher:青文出版社,ISBN/ISSN:4718016005785; 《mina》,publisher:青文出版社,ISBN/ISSN:9771727858007; 《Quisy》,publisher:青文出版社,ISBN/ISSN:4713282421888; 《Scawaii》,publisher:青文出版社,ISBN/ISSN:471328241523809; 《ViVi》,publisher:青文出版社,ISBN/ISSN:4718016003088

Celebrity Magazines

《Play》; 《Color》; 《fans》; 《Top Idol》; 《明周娛樂》

Travel & Food





《Doggy Kitty》

Computer Games


Manga & ManHua

《Alice少女漫畫流行誌》; 《寶島少年》; 《快樂快樂月刊》; 《鋼彈 ACE》; 《龍少年》; 《美少女月刊》; 《挑戰者月刊》; 《元氣少年》; 《新少年快報》; 《夢夢少女漫畫月刊》


ISSN 1018-4449,《張老師月刊》

Magazines for Tots

《PChome Kids 數位小天才》; 《小太陽1-3歲幼兒雜誌》; 《星期八幼兒全能發展誌》

Magazines for Teenagers

《小典藏ArtcoKids》; 《少年牛頓雜誌》; 《幼獅少年》; 《幼獅文藝》; 《科學星球》; 《麥克DO科學》; 《新小牛頓雜誌》

English Language Learning

《ABC互動英語》; 《CNN互動英語》; 《biz互動英語》; 《Live互動英語》; 《大家說英語》; 《佳音英語世界》; 《常春藤生活英語》; 《常春藤解析英語》; 《空中英語教室》

Japanese Language Learning

《EZ Japan》; 《階梯日本語雜誌》

Korean Language Learning

《EZ Korea 韓星帶你學韓語》

Radio & Television
Popular Radio Stations:
• Broadcasting Corporation of China (中國廣播公司資訊)
• CBS: Radio Taiwan International (中央廣播電台)
• Public Radio System (PRS, 警察廣播電台)
• UFO Network (飛碟聯播網)

Popular Television Stations:
• Taiwan Television (TTV, 台視)
• China Television (CTV, 中視)
• Formosa TV (FTV, 民視)
• Taiwan Broadcasting System (TBS, 台灣公共廣告電視團體)
• China Television System (CTS, 中華電視公司)
• Public Television Service (PTS, 公共電視)
• Japan Entertainment Television (JET TV)
• Era Television (年代電視)
• TVBS (無線衛星電視台)
• Hakka TV Network (客家電視台)