So you are working on a start-up and you need to raise money from investors. If you don’t already know exactly who to go and present your business plan to, where do you go to get the attention of potential investors?

Taipei now has a number of pitch events held in English.

The typical pitch event features representatives from 4-10 start-ups. Each representative gets 5-10 minutes to introduce their company, team and investment opportunity. After each presentation, the panel made up of 2-6 investors have a few minutes to ask questions.

After all start-ups have had their say, the judges goes off to deliberate and eventually comes back to announce one winner.

The great thing from the perspective of a foreign entrepreneur is that most of these events are held in English. Professional investors do not want to invest in small local companies so being able to present in English is a minimum requirement.

The winner might get money, services or products from the sponsors, or as in the case of Echelon and TechInAsia they get the ticket to attend a much bigger pitch event in Singapore.

There is of course also an audience made up of other start-up teams, investors, media and people from other supporters like government, business centers etc.

If you are lucky, some of the people with money will come up to you afterwards and ask you for a meeting.

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