How to Start a Business in Taiwan was first launched at the Taipei International Book Exhibition 2013. The Book Exhibition was a three day event, and played host to a wide variety of authors from the four corners of the globe. Ek’s How to Start a Business in Taiwan was displayed alongside Jan Guillou’s Birth of Kingdom and the works of other famous Swedish authors.
It didn’t take long for President Ma to obtain a copy of How to Start a Business in Taiwan. On the very first day of the Exhibition, our friend, Geir, handed President Ma a copy of the Book whilst the President was discussing the need to encourage foreign investment in Taiwan. We believe that the Book will prove a valuable resource to just about anybody doing anything remotely related to business in Taiwan. And at the same time, it may help lift Taiwan’s profile as an attractive place to do business (which it most certainly is)!

Of course, the core intention of How to Start a Business in Taiwan is to make it easy for foreigners starting a business in Taiwan. It’s a guidebook of sorts; to be concise, easy-to-use, and informative. Although not directly applicable, much of the information will also be equally valuable to foreigners looking to invest in Taiwan, or foreigners looking at expanding their existing business into Taiwan. How to Start a Business in Taiwan covers a range of topics, from discussing the myriad of reasons to start a business in Taiwan, cultural issues, a step-by-step guide to the business registration process, and excerpts from interviews with successful foreign entrepreneurs in Taiwan.

The Taipei International Book Exhibition launched the first edition of How to Start a Business in Taiwan. We’re not expecting the Book to be perfect. Rather, we see it as a project in development, to be expanded and improved upon. We’ll leave this task – in part – to you, the reader. Hence, any feedback you provide will be extremely valuable.

If you’re in Taiwan, has How to Start a Business in given you the impetus to move on from your day job to begin the adventure and challenge of starting your own enterprise?

Has How to Start a Business in Taiwan encouraged you to come to Taiwan and start a business, expand your existing business into Taiwan, or invest in Taiwan?

Did you find the information in How to Start a Business in Taiwan useful?

Have you applied the information, or do you intend to do so?

We’d love to hear your story.