We are very proud to announce that we are partnering with the Hsinchu City Government Foreigner Assistance Center (新竹市政府外國人協助中心) to organize a workshop about how to start a business in Taiwan on March 19, 2016.

– Have you considered starting your own business but is not really sure what should be the first step?
– Want to learn about the resources and benefits the CCIFT has to offer foreign entrepreneurs?
– Not sure if Taiwan is an entrepreneur-friendly environment?
– Want to know the key points for a Taiwan start-up?
– Want to meet others in the same situation?
– Want to know what rules have changed in the last year?

Starting a company is never easy and doing it in a foreign country is even harder. Taiwan has many advantages over alternatives like Thailand, China or Hong Kong. For example, unlike many other countries, in Taiwan a foreigner can own 100% of a company. Taiwan also has proper rules of law and most entrepreneurs do not run into people asking for bribes or hand-outs.

Based on 16 years as an entrepreneur in Taiwan, Swedish national Elias Ek will share his experiences and his knowledge regarding rules, laws and culture around starting a company in Taiwan.

Topics include:

Picking a business entity and registering in Taiwan Introduction to Taiwan taxes
Work permit and ARC issues for entrepreneurs Financing your business in Taiwan
Hiring, managing and paying employees Offices, business centers or co-working paces
Employee insurance issues Trademarks and Patents
Money, banking and invoices Government support