A few weeks back Fortune Magazine had a large article about LinkedIn and how it is revolutionizing recruiting and job hunting in the US. Personally I have not seen much of this revolution, for sure Taiwanese are not as likely to use LinkedIn as people in the US.

If you are like me you have had a LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com) account for a while and it is acting as a more grown-up version of Facebook. You might even be connected with many of the same people on both networks.

Maybe I am missing out by not being completely up to date on how to use LinkedIn? Especially those of us who sell things to the US and Europe should probably take a new good look.

Frank Mittermüller is a German entrepreneur who wants to help all of us here in Taiwan to get better at “Social Selling”.

Born in Spain to a German Father and Belgium-Brazilian mother, Frank Mittermüller came to Taiwan in 2012. He was part of a Global MBA and Entrepreneurship Program which allows students to stay 4 months in 3 different cities, one of them being Taipei. After graduating in San Francisco and taking a job at a multinational company, it didn’t take Frank long to surrender to his entrepreneurial spirit and go back to Taiwan to start his own venture and study Chinese.

¨It was hard to explain my family and friends who have never been to Taipei why I had to go so far and leave behind a stable and well paid job. However, I didn’t like the feeling of knowing exactly how the next 10 years of my life are going to look like, and had big hunger for adventure and creating my own path. Asia is a whole new world with opportunities in every corner, and Taiwan is the perfect entry point and stepping stone into that world.”

Consultingcube.org started as an online and free boutique consultancy, helping Asian companies to develop business in the West and based its business model on payment per received value. However, after some months of pivoting Frank concentrated on studying “Social Selling” using the widely used Linkedin platform as a tool to develop an extensive network for his clients which lead to more business.

Consultingcube.org is now offering a full Personal and Corporate Linkedin Profile Optimization package. The objective is to create a strong online presence for both the Sales Team as well as the Brand itself. Offering to create an extensive network on behalf of their clients. With this network as a resource, Consultingcube work with their clients on developing long term transparent business relationships between Asian and Foreign companies.

Frank also offers Corporate Training, covering all the strategies and case studies to effectively connect and engage with potential purchasers on Linkedin.

I am looking forward to learn more about this so maybe I can also see the revolution.