CLBC is a fast growing Co-workspace located close to the Daan MRT station.

Their website looks so very upscale and the pictures on the site shows hyper office modern design. When you arrive at the address, you would be excused if you get a little confused. The building is a standard 4-story building with no elevator. On the ground floor several small restaurants are spilling out on the side-walk. When you still find the right entrance it looks like any other residential entrance without a guard or reception. No worries, ring the buzzer and walk up to the third floor. Up there you will finally be greeted by a friendly staff, well-thought design and all possible hi-tech.

The managers Tyler and Reton launched CLBC on one floor in January and since then they have trippled their space. And much to our delight, they are also selling our book “How to Start a Business in Taiwan.” So, one more physical location to pick up a copy!

Learn more about them on the Enspyre Workspace Website.