A couple of years ago Enspyre had a sales person who told us he wanted quit. He said that his health was deteriorating and he needed rest. Looking at him I could believe him.

Later we found out that he had started a competitor to Enspyre. Our lawyers told us we had little or nothing we could do since he had formally registered using his friend’s name.

In the years since we have heard from our customers that this guy or someone working for him had also submitted quotes and they were lower than ours. A couple of times a customer has tested us and the asshole and so far we have always won.

The latest customer to test us both is a company called Richma that has us calling to invite people to an event:

美食社群達人 Richma



I hope to one day soon outcompete my former sales person to the point where he has to go and work some really menial job. I often wonder what I would do if I ran into this guy on the street. Clock him in the face?