“How to Start a Business in Taiwan”, is THE reference for foreigners!

“Author Elias Ek provides a great overview for doing business in Taiwan, and has enough real-life anecdotes and experiences to keep things interesting.

This book is a must-have for anyone considering a new business venture in Taiwan, and also serves as a great reference to those who have already taken the plunge.”
Anthony Van Dyck, Director at Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Founder at Taiwanease

“I have never seen so much information collected in one place before. A must have for anyone – beginner or advanced – considering to do business in Taiwan”

Cédric Alviani, Entrepreneur, former General Manager of the France Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“I would love to see foreign the foreign entrepreneur community in Taiwan continue to grow, and this book is a great tool to further cultivate such a trend.”

Revital Golan, General Manager, Anemone Ventures

“If you are a clueless foreigner, you could be squeezed in every way imaginable, unless you first read Elias Ek’s “How to Start a Business in Taiwan”.

Dimitri Bruyas, Journalist, Senior Lifestyle Editor, The China Post

“Taiwan is a country of entrepreneurs and this book is an excellent tool to help foreign entrepreneurs to set up their business in Taiwan!”

Adriana Archambault, General Manager, France Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Furthermore, Industrial Technological Research Institute (工業技術研究院) invited Elias Ek to give a keynote speech for ITRI’s Annual Incubator Seminar on April 29th-30th, about the place of foreigners in Taiwan’s economy. Together with Academia Sinica’s Profesor Tseng, Elias Ek and his team is working on gathering the largest survey on foreign entrepreneurs ever done in Taiwan. Our aim is to raise government awareness and make Taiwan an even more attractive place for foreigners to start their business in.