Richard Brown, Vice-President international marketing at VIA technologies, a Taiwanese manufacturer of integrated circuits, led a conference at the French Chamber about the relevance of writing a good business plan. This event brought tens of entrepreneurs of different nationality came to listen the huge experience of his speaker.

During this speech of one hour, Richard Brown listed the different key points that any entrepreneur have to keep in mind when preparing to start a new business. Among the points raised, we could mention:

– How to make difference between our product and competitor’s products
– How to lead events to attract new customers.
– How to develop a suitable marketing strategy
– Understanding why our product failed to sell

One of the point which has particularly received the most attention by participants was about the effectiveness of the crow funding to start a business. Concerning this point, Elias Ek, cofounder of Enspyre and author of “How to start a business in Taiwan” who was present at the conference, took part in this debate. Demonstrating that some huge projects are financed by crow funding, as the oculus rift getting more 2,4 million dollars after launching its project on Kick starter, a famous crow funding platform. Two years later, Oculus rift has been purchased by Facebook for 2 billions dollars.