“I think it is the challenge of solving a problem and fulfilling a need that drives my entrepreneurial urge. Can I put together the system of people, software, service providers, etc. that together solves a problem in such a way that someone is willing to pay for it? How can we positively impact our customers work or life? That is exciting!”

Elias Ek, CEO of Enspyre and author of “How to Start a Business in Taiwan”, was interviewed about his startup experiences and his book by Aaron Posehn, the Managing Editor from Learn Chinese Business.

Learn Chinese Business is a blog for entrepreneurs and professionals interested in doing business in the Greater China region. They aim to provide valuable knowledge and insight into business in China while creating a space for their international readers to connect. Learn Chinese Business is now working on a series of interviews on entrepreneurship in Greater China including Elias Ek and others. A listing of all interviews are currently listed here.

Elias also talks about Enspyre’s internship and future goals, and shares his advice to those who would like to start a business in Taiwan. Read the complete interview here.