Elias shares his experience about investing in Taiwan – E02

Elias talks about the labor market in Taiwan: how difficult it is to find highly valuable workers, and his own way to hire good employees. You might think of having your own internship program to evaluate and hire your future potential employees.

Watch Elias about investing in Taiwan here:


Well I have another suggestion, ok, which has worked very well for me, it might not work for everybody but it works for me for about 4 and a half maybe 5 years ago now, I started an internship program. Basically I’ve had one of my employees spending some of her time managing this internship program.

Over the last so many years we had about 130 something people go through this program. Now it does take a fair deal of my investment, but by doing this program, you know I have a couple of different objectives. One of them is that I can use this program as a 7-month job interview. Ok so I take maybe 10 people at the time, and I tell them that you have to do this internship program and you will have to spend about 10-15 hours a week for 7 months. And they come into my office every Saturday for 3 hours, and I teach them things, I give them projects to work on, and those projects are things that could be good for my business but they are not critical to my business.

And I have found this to be a really good way to identify good employees but it’s just overall it’s also a great way to profiling ourselves like a good place to work, because let’s say for example right now I’m hiring somebody to be project manager for my telemarketing. I need to hire someone with actual experience. The people that I’m looking at worked for China Telecom, 1111job bank and so on right? Big companies again.

So how do I get them to consider working for me well one of the ways is that once they go out and they search information about how it is to work for me well then there’s those hundred something interns former interns that had been out and they speak on their blog and so on and talking about how much fun they had interning at Enspyre. So you know that really helps with the marketing towards potential employees.