Date: March 9th

Location: Taipei International Convention Center, Taipei 101, Xinyi Road, Taipei.

Language of the event: Chinese/English

We attended last Saturday NTU’s Startup Day. Hosted by the National Taiwan University Entrepreneur Association, exhibiting 32 Taiwanese start-ups, there were over a thousand attendees for the event.

The exhibited startups were all at different stages of development. Some were really new, whilst others were quite commercialized. The startups covered a broad range of fields, including international business facilitators (BizAbroad Express), social networks (Talemeet, Carpo, MatchCal), Medical equipment (Long Good) and high-tech (Sunitec, Cloudeep, Accupass). The fair was a public-friendly event. We met a broad range of people, from genuine entrepreneurs, to students and experienced executives.

A highlight of the event was Carpo, the first Taiwanese carpooling service (its service is only in Chinese for now).

Taking advantage of elder examples in the US (Rideshare) and in France (, Carpo is a social platform where drivers can offer Carpo members a paid ride to wherever from wherever in Taiwan. This platform provides an alternative to other long distance travel providers in Taiwan, such as buses and trains.

We wish Carpo the same success as its elder brothers are enjoying! Want to become a member of Carpo? Follow the link to join the Carpo experience!