Dear customer, reader, fellow foreign entrepreneur,

Enspyre Booklet cover 5.6cm copyIt has been 2 years since we published How to Start a Business in Taiwan. We have shipped copies to more than 30 countries and our website has been visited from 183 countries. We printed about 1200 copies and I figured I would have to take most of them with me to my grave.

But now they are sold out so we are preparing to print a new version.

In doing so we would love to include some stories about you! You who read our book and started companies.

If you are interested in getting some publicity for your company on our website, social media and perhaps in the new book, please write to so we can do an interview. Or maybe you want to be anonymous? We value your suggestions and opinions.

I would very much appreciate hearing from you so new readers of our book can learn also from your experience. And maybe you can help us make the book even better? Found anything wrong, out of date? Anything that should be added? Clarified? Please tell us! Please reply as soon as possible!