Meeting the Director-General of the Department of Investment Services

We met yesterday Wednesday 10th with Mr. Chiu, Director-General of the DOIS, a department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, to introduce him to our book “How to Start a Business in Taiwan”.

The two-hour meeting aimed at presenting our activity, giving a voice to Taiwan’s foreign entrepreneurs, no matter what size of the company they run here.

DOIS, spreading information about Taiwan all around the world

Our goal is to provide all Taiwan’s representative offices around the world (TECO, TECRO and embassies) with our book, to help foreigners to get root information as they are planning their arrival in the island.

The Department of Investment Services is the main service window of the Offices for Investment Services, providing consultation services and assistance on investment, for overseas Chinese, foreign, and Mainland Chinese business people coming to invest in Taiwan.

Mr. Chiu lived for over 25 years mostly in Europe, and was appointed Director-General last year. He was very welcome and opened to us foreigners running a business in Taiwan. He not only focuses on great corporations investing in Taiwan but also smaller entrepreneurs.

Providing more information to foreign entrepreneurs in Taiwan

Official information is provided to the following website that we highly recommend: Invest in Taiwan , yet the point was made with Mr. Chiu that to some extent all this information had to be digested by foreigner’s eyes before handling it to foreign entrepreneurs. The Director-General got the point and understood our added value as experienced foreign entrepreneurs here.

One of our next step will be to co-organize an event dedicated to foreign entrepreneurs and to investing in Taiwan.

We warmly thank Mr. Chiu for this very valuable and constructive meeting, that opens even more windows on our future activities.