It has been more than 1.5 years since the Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa program was launched. This program was designed to attract more foreigners to come to Taiwan to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and the great news is that new companies are being setup.

The number of visas issued during this first period did not quite live up to expectations and Enspyre has been working with several government departments to evaluate the results and help to make new strategies for issuing more entrepreneur visas in 2017.

So, who has received entrepreneur visas so far? Enspyre has some exclusive statistics for you, grab a seat.

80 % success rate

A total of 33 entrepreneur visas has been issued so far. You may need quite some time to go over and prepare the materials for your applications, but so far, at least the success rate is high, 80%. Hopefully the process will get easier as professionals like accountants and lawyers and government officials are getting more experience.

Get ready to meet people from all over the world

Applicants are coming from all over the world (in sequence of numbers of applicants):

US, France, Hong Kong, Canada, Malaysia, Germany, Singapore, Mexico, Honduras, Poland and Spain.

Taiwan is calling for women entrepreneurs

Sadly, the gender breakdown is very unbalanced, we need more women entrepreneurs in Taiwan. So far only 6% of the entrepreneur visa holders are female.

They made it!

The entrepreneur visa program enables teams of up to 3 people to get up to 3 years of visa to explore and start up their companies. A few have made it, others are still on the way. Big applause.

Meet some of the people who are entrepreneur visa holders:

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If you are ready to take the next step, here are some good resources to start with:




We will keep on sharing more information about the Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa, please contact us if you have any questions.