On August 5th (2014), “Taiwan Startup and Venture Capital Policy forum (2014台灣創業與創投政策論壇)” took place in Taipei, aiming to boost new ventures and revive the venture capital environment in Taiwan.

The event was held by ITRI TechVenture Club (工研院科技新創俱樂部, http://techventure.itri.org.tw/) and Monte Jade Science and Technology Association of Taiwan (玉山科技協會, http://www.montejade.org/), a global NPO focusing on technology, venture and investment, hoping to improve Taiwan’s competitiveness in the global economy.

“Just do it!” “Believe that you can!” “Hang in till the last moment!” – Successful entrepreneurs including CEO of Enspyre Elias Ek, Orange Electronic CEO Aliber Hsu (許欽堯) and TaiAn Technologies President Chester Ho (何小台) were invited to share their startup experience and encourage more people to start their own business in Taiwan.

Afterwards, Minister of the National Development Council Kuan Chung-ming(管中閔) hosted a discussion on ways to improve Taiwan’s venture capital environment. Guests from both the government and NGOs shared opinions openly. Consensus was reached that with relaxed regulations, active startup groups and incubators, and integration into the global community, Taiwan is sure to attract more startups and angels to join the market.