Foreign nationals that wish to open an NT dollar bank account in Taiwan must be at least 20 years old, and should have a fixed place of residence. With all these information in hand you can open an account at any bank in Taiwan. Most banks verify in the minimum opening account fees.


Minimum Amounts for Opening a Bank Account


The common minimum amount required to open a bank account at local banks is NTD 1,000.
Chinatrust requires a minimum deposit of NTD 10,000.
Citibank requires that the holder maintain an average monthly balance of NTD 25,000, otherwise an account management fee of NTD500 per month is incurred.
HSBC requires a minimum balance of NTD 3 million, otherwise an account management fee of NTD 1,000 per month is incurred.




Bank English Name Chinese Name Bank Website Contact Info
Chinatrust 中國信託 Click Here Click Here
Citibank 花旗銀行 Click Here Click Here
HSBC 匯豐銀行 Click Here Click Here


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