HyeRan Kim (金慧爛) is going to get bachelor’s degrees in International Trade and Liberal Arts program, at Dong-A University, Republic of Korea. While studying at Ming Chuan University (銘傳大學), Taiwan as an exchange student for one academic year, she joined this project <How to Start a Business in Taiwan> through Enspyre internship program.

Cooperating with other 4 teammates – Benjamin, Cynthia, Elias, and Tal – who have totally different cultural backgrounds, HyeRan Kim has learned how to communicate with various people. For the project, she particularly invested her efforts on financial issues including general business environment of Taiwan and import/export part for the book and resources part for the website.

Actually this project <How to Start a Business in Taiwan> is the first time in her life to participate establishing a website and publishing a book as a collaborator. Compared with her first intention, she definitely achieved her own goal through this project; in terms of internet marketing, how to control the categories and information organizationally, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and HTML. Besides, one of reasons she came to Taiwan was to understand Taiwan business environment and this project provides her valuable experiences in that part.

Thanks to a number of interviews and meetings with foreign entrepreneurs in Taiwan, HyeRan Kim is inspired to make a plan for her own business. Now she is looking for another interesting opportunity especially related with international trade, logistics, and e-commerce.