Ben Bartlett, from Canada, is the owner and manager of BeMo’s, a mexican-syle healthy take-away restaurant that sells delicious wraps, nachos, smoothies, and salads. Ben founded the first BeMo’s in mid 2012, and plans to open several more chains – up to 10 – throughout Taichung. Tweaked slightly for the local Taiwanese palate (ie. Less spicy), Ben is introducing a new cuisine to the locals. The in-your-hands style of wraps is unfamiliar to most Taiwanese. And although a fair number of his customers are foreigners, he has a growing number of local customers.

“Don’t work in your business, work on your business.”

Ben has been in Taiwan for around 12 years. From an English teacher to the owner of a cram school, or buxiban, Ben wanted to break out of the English-teaching mould… Hence BeMo’s was born. As BeMo’s is still quite new, Ben is fully immersed in the daily running of the restaurant. His goal is to be less hands on and become more of a manager. Then he’ll be able to properly develop his business instead of worrying about the day-to-day issues.

Visit BeMo’s:

Address: #268 Da Dun 10th St., Taichung City, Taiwan


Tel: +886(04)2320-0466