Thomas Siegers came to Taiwan in 2004. Thomas is an electrical engineer from Germany. Together with his Taiwanese wife, he founded a trading company, which they jointly manage. Already in the 1990s he lived several years in Asia, being attracted by the different culture combined with the vibrant business environment.

Songfuli Co. Ltd. is a trading company involved in import and export. Songfuli imports dietary supplements under their own brand “Vitafresh”, which is sold island-wide through drugstores and pharmacies. On the export side, Songfuli focuses on LEDs for lighting and rechargeable batteries.

On doing business in Taiwan: “The business landscape of Taiwan is dominated by small enterprises. The regulatory framework is relatively uncomplicated. The financial barrier to start a business is low. All this combined makes it easy to open and run a company on a small scale – in any case much easier than in most Western countries.”

On the book ‘Starting a Business in Taiwan’: “The fact that there is such a book means there is a business environment that invites foreigners with entrepreneurship and spirit of adventure to establish their own business.”