Darren is the founder of MangoPublic. MangoPublic helps you to convert more website visitors to sales. They offer the following services: SEO & Online Marketing, ROI Optimisation, Conversion Optimisation, Adwords Management, and CMS & e-Commerce.

Hailing from the island of Britannia, Darren came to the – slightly smaller – island of Taiwan in 2010 upon the insistence of his Taiwanese wife, and intends to stay for 7 years.

Currently based in Taiwan, MangoPublic services primarily English and Australian clients. Darren focuses on content (less volume, but higher quality), youtube, social media, and Google Adwords. He has also published a Google Adwords Setup Guide on the iTunes Store. Darren has lots of experience in web design, SEO and Conversion Optimisation, and creating CMS-driven websites for all relevant mediums.

Darren on the advantages of starting a business in Taiwan as opposed to the UK:

Much lower taxation! And the weather is far nicer in Taiwan.

Darren on the challenges of starting a business in Taiwan as opposed to the UK:

Language barrier if you don’t speak fluent Mandarin. Culturally, asking questions sometimes can make people feel awkward if they don’t know the answer.

Contact MangoPublic

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Website: http://www.mangopublic.com/