If you need someone to take care of your computers, or for any other IT-related issues, we suggest you talk to Jean-Pascal Rignault of SOS.

For the past 10 years, Smerwick On Site (SOS), IT department of Smerwick Ltd. Taiwan Branch, has been a key partner for an increasing number of companies that are looking for state of the art, seamless IT maintenance and support.

Smerwick On Site combines computer skills and a strong on site experience to provide its customers with auditing, set-up, maintenance and upgrade of their information system.

Jean-Pascal Rignault has been living in Taipei for more than 10 years. French national, Jean-Pascal first landed in Taiwan in 1998, working as IT manager for the French Economic Department.

Jean-Pascal joined Smerwick in January 2000, and has since worked as IT manager for Smerwick in Taiwan, as well as developing SOS. Jean-Pascal has grown a strong appetite for novelty, constantly trying new software and hardware solutions – whether they come from IT industry majors or from the Open Source community.

About the book ‘Starting a Business in Taiwan’, Jean-Pascal states that: “Starting a company in a country that is not yours surely sounds like a crazy idea. Starting a Business in Taiwan provides valuable advices and a solid overview of local rules that should prevent you from going insane while building your business project.”

Contact Jean-Pascal at SOS

Jean-Pascal Rignault
Account Manager
Smerwick On Site
Smerwick Ltd. Taiwan Branch
Tel: +886 (0)2 8771 0007
Mobile: +886 (0)9 5215 4833