If you need someone to take care of your – or your foreign employees’ – work permit application(s), we recommend you talk to Claire at EZ PERMIT. You can also utilise EZ PERMIT’s Integrated Service Platform, for assistance with finding employment, housing, and accounting in Taiwan.

Based in Taipei, Taiwan, EZ PERMIT serves clients from around the world. As long as you can access the Internet, EZ PERMIT is your solution to finding Work in Taiwan or Starting a Business in Taiwan.

EZ PERMIT Centre is an integrated service platform to provide EZ and one-stop professional consulting services for foreigners intending to work or do business in Taiwan. The EZ PERMIT mottos are: Simplicity, High-Efficiency, and Value for Money!

HR managers can also outsource their services to EZ PERMIT in order to reduce their burden, and moreover, to help foreigner employees overcome obstacles during the application process.

EZ PERMIT’s Six Standards & Guarantees:

1. Our clients will have their own professional EZ consultant as a single window of contact, with a simple EZ
process to follow.

2. We hire qualified experts with ESS certification to deliver your case for fast PASS.

3. EZ PERMIT recruits experienced legal, financial and taxation consulting service teams for your application, when required.

4. Housing issues can be solved by our FREE Real Estate consulting service team, helping foreigners settle down easily.

5. EZ PERMIT services are affordable and competitively priced.

6. EZ PERMIT provides real-time after-sales services to ensure that your employer will avoid being fined in the event there are non-compliance issues. EZ consultants care for customers. Importantly, due to our expertise, we can avoid cases of foreign applicants being blacklisted.

Contact EZ PERMIT Centre:

Website: http://www.ezpermit.tw/

Flowchart of application process: http://www.ezpermit.tw/flow_sheet.html

Online contact form (for individuals): http://www.ezpermit.tw/personal.php

Online contact form (for employer): http://www.ezpermit.tw/industry.php


“The services that EZ Permit provided were done in a very professional yet friendly manner. Claire Ling ensured that my visa, work permit, and alien resident card would be received ASAP. We started communicating while I was still in California and I met with her within a week of landing in Taiwan. Everything went very smoothly and she personally came with me to all appointments. She acted as a tour guide and a translator. She even tried introducing me to people to be friends with and took me to some social gatherings. Claire also came with me to every apartment I went to see and helped me with the grueling process of finding an apartment and doing all the paperwork. We eventually became good friends! It is hard not to because Claire is so friendly, loveable, and helpful! I highly recommend EZ permit to any foreigners that need help settling down in Taiwan.” Tommy Tsang, Mechanical Engineer, Miniwiz Sustainable Energy Development Ltd.

“Claire’s help has been invaluable. She really cares for her clients. Moreover, her years of experience working with immigration provide unique insight into the nuances of the work permit application process. At our first meeting, she took the time to understand my background and career goals and ambitions. She also patiently explained to me the work permit application requirements (including documentation) and processes. Later, whilst looking for employment, she provided me with an array of contacts, suggestions, and resources. Through her resources, I found a great job in the healthcare industry. When the time came to apply for the work permit, Claire was already fully prepared and had all the required documentation. A couple of weeks later, I got the good news: My work permit had been approved. Whether you are applying for a work permit as a manager of your business, or as an employee, I strongly recommend you contact Claire from Taiwan EZ Permit Centre.” Tal Gory, Australia.

“When I first arrived in Taiwan, I had a very hard time with my visa application. I was referred to Claire through a friend who had had just gotten his visa through EZ Permit. My experience with Claire and Taiwan EZ Permit has been a wonderful one. Claire is a very genuine, honest, kind and hardworking person. She really cares about her clients and always came well organised and prepared. She was happy to answer any questions I had and made that what I initially found a very daunting process very simple. Many times when I came across an obstacle, Claire was always willing to do whatever it took to help me. I cannot recommend Claire and EZ Permit enough and I am so grateful for her help.” Daniel Wu, Australia.